I'm pleased to announce Eagle has been promoted to admin. He is in charge of our new Game Meta Team. He will be in charge of all decisions effecting the gameplay and future direction of the game meta... this includes (but is not limited to) strategies, units, upgrades, and new in-game features to be developed.

Previously Garde was leading this area, before it really existed as it's own team. However since he stepped back from being active, the responsibility for game meta became unclear as we had various people from the Implementors group and from the Supporter Team attempting to help out. From this day forward, Game Meta will be the sole responsibilty of Eagle and his team only.

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Please welcome our newest members of the moderator team, Croat and Domo!

Croat of course led The Punisher tournament to great success; he's also been helping out with many things behind-the-scenes since before this. He's passionate about justice, which is a great quality to have for a moderator!

Domo is an all around good guy, liked and respected by his peers. I've been glad to get to know him a little over the last few months, and I know he really cares about the future of atWar.

Welcome and congrats!

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I'm pleased to announce that atWar Radio is finally back!


We will be Djing on this regularly, or we will once we figure out DJs and get a schedule going.

On top of this, there is a chat that you may use in the Radio tab; until we are able to add the Radio feature back in-game.

Want to become a DJ?

If you want to become a DJ for aw radio, message Alois. He will interview you and get you set up.

Credit to Dave for getting the code to work for this to be possible.


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I'm pleased to announce that Relentless Attack has received a buff!

It's been a few months that Relentless Attack has been in the works, and we've finally come to an agreement. Relentless Attack will now have these current stats:


Relentless Attack Buff

● Militia
--> 3 (+1)

● Infantry
--> Range: 7 (+1)

● Tanks
--> Defense Bonus.
---> +1 against infantry, -1 against militia

● Destoryer
--> Cost: 190 (-10)

● Bombers
--> Attack: 9 (+3)
--> Defense: 3 (-1)
--> Cost: 150 (+20)

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If you guys didn't know, last month Dave implemented new updates to AW that allowed maps that are promoted to be played by all players. As a result of this, the Supporters are now promoting one map each month, for the entire month.

This month's map will be:

Battle for Middle Earth | By: Talos

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atWar Community Survey

I've taken some questions and opinions from the community and put them all into a survey format. I've also put other things that will help the staff.

● Please be honest in your answers, no trolling. If you can't/don't want to answer something please state "N/A".

● This survey is seven sections long. Be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes on it if not longer.

● You will receive questions based on your answer for what community you consider yourself in. The Competitive community shouldn't have say in Scenario and vice versa (do note this does not mean all competitive or scenario questions are answered by just that community).

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Hi everyone, here are a few new things I'm happy to share with you:

UI updates
Next time you start a new game, you'll see an updated interface, designed to highlight more maps than just the World Map. New users often aren't aware the variety of maps we have to offer, and the old process of going to the "Maps" section to start a game other than world map was too clunky. I hope the new design will get new players introduced to our maps right off the bat.

Promo maps
As you know, for a few protocoins you can Promote any map so it appears at the top of the map listing. Now, in addition to this, any Promo maps can be played free by non-premium players for the duration of the promotion!

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Thanks to Kings And Generals for mentioning us in their latest video... check it out!

Also I want to say thank you to Crow for making this possible... as a supporter he worked hard making contact with potential partners including Kings And Generals (and others), and I'm grateful we were able to achieve this. Credit where credit is due... thank you sir!

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As of today...

Double SP Weekend is active through Sunday! (January 26 at 11:59 PM US Central time).

On top of this, x3 SP is also on sale for 75 Proto Coins!

Dont miss out, get out there and get some SP!

- Dave and team

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= = = EDITION 22: January 22nd, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Player Of The Year 2019: Communities Choice Award
Section 2: Year in Review: 2019
Section 3: Recent Updates
Section 4: Origins: A Map by Roma Invicta
Section 5: World Map Update: Great Lakes Ports
Section 6: A Special Thank You
Section 7: Want to get Involved?

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