The Official AtWar Discord is scheduled for an update on Sunday, August 4th.


We understand that the Discord doesn't provide much activity for our player base. So we're reworking it to be for essentials; as well as a way to contact AtWar's administration, and with a few other surprises.

What To Expect

● Complete "Nuking" of the server. This means that the entire server will be erased. It will be rebuilt from scratch.
● More organized chats.
● A better, more automated verification system.
● chats and information about social media and other things on AtWar it's self.
● Organized roles.
● Less cluttering.
● Surprises.

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Are you a new player? Do you want to compete with higher ranks?
Starting from today I (Viserion) am your guide to atWar.

Hello! I'm Viserion and I am atWar's newest Supporter.
If you've already subscribed to the official atWar YouTube channel, you will begin to notice, starting from today, that I'll be welcoming and supporting the newest members of our community. You will see commentated content teaching you how to become a better player. A few examples of what you can learn are: how to turn block, walling effectively and how to predict an enemy expansion.

To entertain our new players (and indeed the old) animated historic educational videos, starting with the Rise & Fall of the Mughal Empire, will be released roughly once a month.
A quick glance at what to expect with the first project:

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AW is happy to welcome Nero to the moderator team! Nero has been with the game for a long time, and has a unique style and sense of humour which will help round out our team. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Nero as our newest Moderator.


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I'm pleased to announce a new strategy called "Industrial Powerhouse" is now available for a limited time!

Industrial Powerhouse gives you cheaper Buildings and Mechanized units at the cost of weakened Human units and overall Defence.

The original concept for this is by Sultan of Swing, who said the following in his proposal:

The idea behind this is comes from the Industrial Revolution that swept through Europe beginning in the 19th century and continued through America in the 20th century. Drawing inspiration from the concept of mass production as was applied by Henry Ford in Detroit in the 20th century, mass production allowed for cars such as the Model-T to be produced much more cheaply than before. For this strategy, I drew on this concept by making all non-human units slightly cheaper, but not entirely to the level of the Imperialist strategy. This strategy would complement the buildings addition, and could encourage their use and production outside of the measly -30 unit cost of Imperialist. However, with boost comes nerf. As was common highly industrialized nations, humans were now a commodity, and living conditions were not great. Thus, some nations began to have to raise salaries for their army to maintain army loyalty. By increasing human unit cost and decreasing produced units cost, the player will be encouraged produce more industrial units and increase the size of their cities through buildings. On top of this, mass production decreased the quality of product compared to the older domestic hand-made production system. This would prove to be a very strong lategame strategy, yet weak early in a similar way to HW or GW.

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= = = EDITION 20: April 20, 2019 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Supporter Team Update
Section 2: Player of the Year Interview
Section 3: New Presets
Section 4: Spot a Noob
Section 5: A Refresher

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." ~ Aristotle

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That's right, the long awaited strategy update is finally here! And no this is not a mean April Fools joke such as Sid's mean marine update. Let's look at some of the mechanics and stats of these new units in order to help prepare for their implementation.

In general, all buildings:

  • Have 20 HP
  • Cost 700
  • Have 0 ATK
  • Have 1 DEF
  • Have 0 MP
  • Can only be built once per city

Now let's look at each individual unit:

Recruitment Center:

  • +3 reinforcements on recruitment week
  • The bonus applies to recurring recruitment weeks beginning after it's production, and not the turn 1


  • +1 Defense per unit in the city
  • Think about how the general works with a stack of units, same concept here (have fun cap rushing ya noobs!)

Radar Array:

  • +150 view range
  • Just a little under triple the view range of a sentry, could be quite useful for snuffing out stealth units

Anti-Aircraft Defenses:

  • +20 defense against air units

Coastal Battery:

  • +20 defense against naval units
  • This was formerly a rare unit, and is now produceable


  • -10 upkeep for every unit
  • This only applies to units produced in the city; so units produced in other cities will still remain normal priced

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The Supporters Team invites you all to participate in multiple PC/SP drops ( a total of around 4-6 are planned throughout the weekend) this Saturday and Sunday between 2pm-7pm EST (US East Coast).

We also would like to announce this will happen every weekend, as well with multiple other events during the weekday, especially on Friday.

PC rewards up to 200 Protocoins and SP rewards of up to 3,500 SP (plus whatever SP you get in the game!)

a couple of other surprises are planned too

Time Conversions:
UK: 8:00pm
Germany: 9:00pm
China: 3:00am
Israel: 10:pm
India: 12:30am
Brazil: 4:00pm

-Supporter's Team

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Here is Marine Update we've all been waiting for!

After months of discussing with Dave the endless potential of the United States Marine Corps, he has finally given the go ahead to put Marines at the forefront of the game's core mechanics!

As a United States Marine myself, I see first hand how we stack up against other units in-game, this update is to help reflect the real life advantage that Marines have over everything else.

-Semper Fi

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As some of you know, AtWar's social media websites have spiked up in activity again with multiple weekly posts and moving towards daily posts.

AtWar is currently active on four social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube) and is expanding to multiple others like Instagram; as well as reviving and updating other websites that AtWar has used in the past to advertise its self.

We plan to use Social Media more often, especially on future events as well as implementing them into our planned challenges program (refer to this link if you don't know what this is) and ultimately bring more content into the community.

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1) Forum moderation update

To help improve transparency in how forum messages are moderated, mods now have the ability to enter a reason before deleting a message. This deletion reason will be displayed to all persons reading the thread. Over the last week you may have already noticed one, it looks something like this:

Message deleted by Dave. Reason: example

Historically mods would try to let the user know by PM why their message was deleted, but this left other people reading the thread in the dark as to what happened. Now the process will be transparent to everyone.

2) Counter-Insurgency test period ended

As stated in the original announcement, the test period for the Counter-Insurgency strategy has ended and it has been taken down. We're already working on the next round of new strategies and other upgrades to try out, so stay tuned. We hope to release the next update early April.

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I'm pleased to announce Brianwl has been promoted to admin. In this new role, he will have authority over all community issues, overseeing the moderator team, and any other tasks that require admin-level access.

In short, Brian has the authority and ability to handle anything that previously would have been done by me. He has kindly agreed to help out as I am planning to step back from the community a bit, and instead focus more on just the programming and business side of atWar.

I know we will be in very good hands under Brian's leadership. He is a long time atWar player, moderator, and highly respected throughout the community.

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The survey was up for about 2 weeks and we got a total of 278 responses. As promised I'm making the results public. Here are the results:

Question #1: Do you agree with the statement, "toxic behavior has been a serious problem in the atWar community"?
Strongly agree - 98
Somewhat agree - 78
Neither agree nor disagree - 42
Somewhat disagree - 27
Strongly disagree - 33

Analysis: 63% of respondents somewhat agreed or strongly agreed that toxic behavior has been a serious problem on atWar. Not a surprise here, that's a pretty compelling "yes" from the community.

Question #2: How has the level of toxic behavior in our community changed in the last 2 months?
It's becoming better / Less toxic - 88
About the same - 159
It's becoming worse / More toxic - 26

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