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atWar: Parties de stratégie de guerre, jouez à plus qu'un Risk en ligne

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar et un jeu de stratégie par navigateur multijoueurs gratuit influencé par des jeux comme Risk et Civilisation (cliquez ici pour voir les différences). Devenez maître dans l'art des combats stratégiques contre d'autres joueurs sur des cartes hautement détaillés comprenant des centaines de villes et de pays. Créez vos propres cartes et scenarii basés sur des conflits réels ou fictionnels du passé, du présent ou du futur.
Non restreint par des voies de passage rigides comme dans des jeux de guerre tels que Risk en ligne et Civ, atWar est doté de mouvements de troupe libres uniques, permettant des stratégies les plus complexes. Le jeu de guerre se déroule à une échelle massive, avec jusqu'à 20 joueurs impliqués par partie, des douzaines d'unités différentes, des stratégies politiques dans la partie (options de guerre, paix et alliance), coalitions (clans) et encore plus à découvrir. Enregistrez vous, en utilisant le formulaire ci-dessus, Connectez vous avec votre compte Facebook ou jouez en temps qu'invité !

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= = = EDITION 17: August 24th, 2018 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Guerrilla Warfare - Nerfed
Section 2: Events - SP Drops
Section 3: Top 4 Comments of the Week
Section 4: Clan War Report
Section 5: Your Opinion Matters

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." ~ Steve Jobs

Guerrilla Warfare - Nerfed

After months of forum threads and public outcry for the weakening of Guerrilla Warfare, it seems that Guerrilla Warfare has finally been nerfed. The news first broke on Friday at 20:07 GMT via a forum thread when Laochra, a known supporter of nerfing GW, claimed that Clovis, atWar's active developer, had secretly nerfed GW. This did, in fact, turn out to be true. As we can see in the GIF below, the GW miltia does not role 6 once without hitting a critical. The maximum hit each time was 5. GW's militia defense has been reduced to 5, instead of 6. We got in contact with Clovis1122, in pursuit of an official response.

Firstly, why was the GW Nerf done quietly?

★clovis1122: I'm currently investigating to see if it is Nerfed.. I do see that I forgot to update the description though

Right, so did you intentionally nerf the strategy?

★clovis1122: No

Are you implying this is a bug? How did this come about?

★clovis1122: Looks like a bug, in-game they do still have 6def. This change was added in the test server. I'm going to switch to windows to see if the changes on the test server affected the description in the unit.php page

★clovis1122: ah, I see. In the test server the unit's description is also outdated

Right, but do you know the root cause of the issue? How did this nerf occur on the main server?

★clovis1122: Theory #1: Sometime ago some players approached me to change the strategies in the Test Server so that they could test the changes that the people were proposing in the GW thread. I agreed and toyed a bit with some of my development tools but everytime that I tested with those players, it failed. So I dropped the idea. I don't remember much about this though perhaps WD or somebody else remember? MY Theory is that something might have affected both servers. I spent today's night trying to toy again with my tools but I couldn't get the strats to change.

Can you explain the joke you made in the moderator chat?

★clovis1122: The message that I sent via mod chat was a joke (although it sounds way too coincidental now, so I wouldn't blame anyone for not believing it). I don't actually have access to modify the strategies, and I don't know how to do it either. But I've got some limited access to the test server so maybe it's possible for me to modify them there.

★clovis1122: wow, Macs are the best for a developer... Unix terminal n' cool stuff

Upon taking Clovis' statements into account, it's clear that there's been a mix up with the game's back-end . Clovis claims he doesn't know how to moderate strategies, and that they are a somewhat hidden feature.

What do you think about this nerf? Positive or negative? Voice your opinion down below.

Events - SP Drops

As an alternative to normal Protocoin Drops, we plan to begin hosting Strategy Point (SP) Drops. The idea will be to award a substantial amount of SP to the winner(s).
These SP Drops will be hosted through various maps and scenarios. The reward for winning a Free-For-All (FFA) game shall be between 10,000 and 20,000 SP, depending on the amount of turns played and time elapsed.
For scenario team games, the prizes will be slightly reduced. If you would like to suggest any maps or scenarios, feel free to message any one of the supporters. The first SP Drop will be hosted this Saturday, August 25th, at 6 PM GMT with a rank limit from 0-9.
Since most recent events got dominated by high rank players we've decided to add this rank limit to some of the upcoming events.
This should give mid and low ranks a higher chance to win. Don't miss this upcoming event and grab some SP for your next upgrade!
See you on Saturday

Top 4 Comments of the Week

Oh, atWar and it's forums. They are truly a hidden gem. For such a relatively small community, the quality of material produced is tremendous. To honour this banter, we've put together a new, easy reading section. Inherently, many comments will come from Croat's "Fun Screenshots" thread, due to the nature of this section. Controversial posts regarding the state of the game are not endorsements, more-so captivating material for the reader to judge themselves.

4. Al Fappino's WWII

Al Fappino highlights atWar's truly bittersweet relationship with WW2 with this masterpiece.

Upvote count:

3. atWar's Future Owner

This post was initially posted by a banned member of the community, who will not be named to discourage toxic behaviour. However the moderator team quickly moved it to the moderator forum. Some players managed to grab a screenshot of it before it was removed, with Sol posting it under the "Fun Screenshots" thread. It seems this player is an ever so pleasant gift that keeps on giving.

Up-vote count:

2. Sun Tzu's Word of Advice

Sun Tzu, a former atWar administrator and Head of Marketing for atWar, expressed his concern today regarding the state of the game. The remarks came after he was asked by 4nic, a frequent atWar player, to "come back and fix atWar".

1. Mauzer's Crackdown

Mauzer Panteri released a post recently regarding the constant spam of the forums by certain players in particular. Mauzer highlights the fine line between contained drama and pure spam.

Up-vote count:

Clan War Report

Recently, there have been few Coalition War compared to less than two month ago, the main reason was probably the arrival of the new balanced map of WW2 and maybe also the summer holidays. But I managed to catch one of those rare Coalition Wars between Amigos and Pantheon. It was a 3vs3 and here is what happened:


Representing the clan Pantheon there is Mr_Own_U, Trystane and Black Swans. Pantheon is a clan which was created in 2014 but was inative since a long time and came back in the competitive scene with a lot of news members at the end of July of this year. They chose a classic configuration with Mr_Own_U who took Ukraine, Trystane who chose France and Black Swans as United Kingdom.

On the other side, we have the clan Amigos with Eagles8539, Kaska and Wheelo. Amigos is a recent coalition created less than four months ago but had a nice performance last season by taking third place. Like Pantheon, they decided to form a classic configuration with Eagles8539 in the east as Turkey and Kaska with Wheelo in west as Spain and Germany, respectively.



In the east, Mr_Own_U decided to rush Eagle8539 in greece and romania, the richest countries near turkey with apparently sky menace and at the same time destroyed Eagle8539's General. For his part Turkey managed to take bulgaria, serbia, bosnia, albania, georgia and armenia.
In the west, Black Swans sent 60% of his army with his general to the Netherlands and the rest in Norway. His teammate Trystane attacked belgium, luxembourg and ireland with his general, with the rest of his units he built a large set of walls in the south to block Kaska, who opted for a full rush rome, probably dreading a full rush rome from France. On the other hand, Wheelo sent the majority of his army to Denmark to counter a possible rush, the rest took Slovakia and Croatia, he walled Austria aswell.


This turn the things went wrong for Mr_Own_U, indeed, he took Romania but lost his general, leaving him few maneuver possible to continue the war. Eagles8539 meanwhile took over the greece and captured the Macedon as well as defended the Bulgarian, Serbian and his Turkish cities.
In the west, Black Swans attacked the Czech Republic and left several wf and a sea wall in front of Hamburg to block Wheelo in potential attacks on English cities. Trystane also tries to put pressure on Germany by capturing Frankfurt with 12 units. Wheelo continued to expand by taking Sweden, Austria and Poland, he decided not to stack his attack to extend as much as possible except in poland with his general in the capital and in the port, who could have been a target from Black Swans. Kaska has brought back less than half of his troops and his general to defend his cities in Spain, in particular bilbao, which is the most important Spanish city from a strategic point of view to keep the pressure on France and be able to attack Paris or London directly. And he manages to keep them all, as well as to take naples and Bari in Italy and Slovenia.


This is the key turn of the game, probably seeing that it went wrong in the East and that the only chance was a quick game to be able to reach east before Turkey controls it completely, so Black Swans and Trystane tried to rush Berlin with their two generals, one from Czech Republic and the other from Ireland by trans then air trans with the units already present at franckfort, UK tried to tb the port of poland to block wheelo general but unfortunately that didn't work, the german general reached Berlin and was able to resist to this double rush thanks to its Perfect Defense strategy, and he has even taken over norway, but it did not go far, only 5 units remaining in Berlin. Kaska on his side, after breaking the walls of Trystane in the previous turn, takes his northern Italian cities aswell as marseille and lyon to Trystane, certainly planning to invade France before the reinforcement turn.
For the east, few move this turn, Turkey attacked Romania and there won undeniably, Ukraine now having nothing.
It can clearly be said at this time that there is almost no hope of winning for the Pantheon clan.


Great turn for Amigos who triple capped their opponents, Eagle slowly but surely ended up reaching Kiev and Kaska achieved an impressive double cap on France and the United Kingdoms which were open. Trystane had tried to tb his stack in Bilbao but that failed, all that remains to them as countries are Ireland, Denmark and Benelux.


They left, GG Amigos!

It was a pretty fast but intense game, gg everyone §

Your Opinion Matters

Those who work in the news media, especially newspaper reporters and photographers

That is the definition of the press, taken straight from Collins' dictionary. The press' ambitions in day to day life is often driven by financial gain. The press know that the best way to achieve this financial gain is to base them on controversy. Controversy in the working world usually comes in the form of scandals. On atWar, however, drama is usually at the center of attention. A quick browse of the forums quickly reaffirms this point. People like drama.

As a policy with these releases, we've tried to keep sections regarding drama down to a minimum. You'll notice that we've left out certain trending stories that are likely to spark a reaction. The positive effect of this, is that there's minute tension in the comments section. Discussions generally remain calm. The negative effect is the releases aren't as entertaining as they could be. So its time for all of us to collectively decide. Should drama be included in The atWar Press?


Guerrilla Warfare - Nerfed: Wheelo
Events - SP Drops: Sascha
Top 4 Comments of the Week: Wheelo
Clan War Report: Apocalypse
Your Opinion Matters: Wheelo
Editing and Formatting: Sascha and Darkmace

31.07 - Introducing new Moderators!
04.06 - The atWar Press #16
07.05 - The atWar Press #15
25.04 - Map & scenario editor updates
22.04 - The atWar Press #14
31.03 - Map editor is live!
15.03 - Clovis is the new Admin
21.02 - Map editor alpha updates
08.01 - Map editor alpha release!
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