1.1 - Who made this, anyway, and why?

We are two brothers, Amok and Ivan. By the time of the beta release in Autumn 2010, we've been working on Afterwind for about 2 years, on and off, and the idea of making an online strategy game has been around for even longer.

While there are already similar games, like Risk and Civilization, we felt that it would be nice to have something browser-based, and playable on a real world map, with real countries and cities and modern technologies.

So we ended up borrowing a few concepts, while also trying to bring in some fresh ideas. The game is in constant development, so we're planning to keep expanding and polishing these ideas. Stay tuned!

1.2 - Premium features

How do Premium features work?
atWar is a free to play game - however, in case you want more, we have some excellent extra features. Subscription unlocks everything for a limited amount of time (1/3/6 months). 'Full package' unlocks everything forever - it also includes access to any premium features that will be added in the future.

What are the payment methods?
You can use either PayPal or pay with your credit card through PayPal (no account required). Any Premium feature can be purchased with atWar's own virtual currency, ProtoCoins.

You can add ProtoCoins to your account using Xsolla Paystation, which supports a wide variety of payment methods (including SMS). You can even buy ProtoCoins as a gift - go to your friend profile and click the small 'Send gift' button under the avatar. Please note that you cannot transfer ProtoCoins from one account to another. 1 USD = 100 ProtoCoins.

How soon can I use the unlocked features after paying?
Everything is fully automatic - as soon as PayPal processes the payment (usually a couple of minutes), you will receive a message and all purchased features will be unlocked immediately.

1.3 - Afterwind?

The game's initial name for the first two years was Afterwind, meaning "a wind produced by the updraft accompanying the rise of the fireball of a nuclear explosion and directed toward the burst center."

With the introduction of custom maps, the name became less relevant and we decided to change it.

1.4 - How to get help

You can use the in-game chat system to get help, using the /help and /report buttons.

For general or gameplay-related questions, use /help. This will send your question to any Supporters who are online. The /help command works like this:

/help how do I [your question here]?


/help how do I move troops across water?

To report a player for cheating, hacking, or violating atWar rules, use /report to contact the Moderators. The /report command works like this:

/report [player name] is [breaking x rule] in [link to the game]


/report Dave is hacking in https://atwar-game.com/games/?link=7917584467

You can use /report even when no moderators are online -- your report will be saved and reviewed by the next available Moderator.


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