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17.11.2020 - 15:53

I'll try to present this the most civil way I possibly can.

An incident happens in a cw and I make a forum post about it. (the forum post is archived and is completely IRRELVENT to this topic)

According to Nero, I should NOT post about an archived topic (which I did not). I should contact the mod who took action against you topic.

Ok. Cold Case Archived my topic, I'll ask him about it.

The link to my now archived forum got removed by Cold Case, I ask him about it and while I am, I'm being harassed by a guest account (which I do want to be ip checked).

The result is very shocking...

I get muted on all channels. Is this how justice should be served? Is this how mods should treat players who have done literally nothing?


17.11.2020 - 16:48
 Croat (Mod)

This is the definition of how to make an elephant out of a fly...

I talked to Cold Case and he doesn't think this topic is important to have even a reply (what I actually agree), but I'll do it just from fairness towards yourself.
No one overreached. Cold Case assumed that non of us can prove if that was a rewall by yourself in that cw or not (as no one had any proof, logically), so he just decided to move your 'justifying' thread to the archive, as he found it really unnecessary and that it might probably just cause extra useless no-needed dramma over cw which was already lost to Enigma. His intention didn't have any negative conotations, but on the contrary.
Then you came to spam him, provoke with some messages, so he muted you on bloody 20 minutes. That's literally all the philosophy.

Whatsmore, your 'remaking' of what happened in cw with your clanmate in private game doesn't prove anything, because, logically, in re-doing it you obviously won't move your capital wall units. By that being said, no one still has any single proof and we (as clan) will just trust you on words and that's it.
No more useless, potentially flame, discussions about that wall. You won cw, Enigma lost. End of story.

Player of the year 2015

19.11.2020 - 01:02
 Sid (Admin)
I have checked the IP of that guest and it was Flume, not CC.

Also i do not know about the forum thread that got archived but i will look into it.

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