I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the AtWar Implementer Team that Blitzkrieg has received 2020's first buff!

For quite a long time now Blitzkrieg has remained a beloved and popular Strategy used by many, whether it be in competitive team games, duels, World 50ks, Scenarios, RP- You name it. Much like Imperialist in this regard, Blitzkrieg gives players a blanket buff for all units in the form of mightier range capabilities. However in recent years, Blitzkrieg has become outpaced by many other strategies and lacks the kind of defence capabilities to survive later on in most games. Much thought, discussion, and time was put into remedying this issue and planning ahead to ensure Blitzkrieg remains a staple to most, but catches up with the competition. To do so, we've increased the Range buff from +3 Range to +4 Range.

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From now until the end of the year, all subscriptions are on sale for 30-40% off! I have brought back Lifetime Subscription also for this limited time. Check it out on the Premium page.

Also, Santa is back on the World Map, delivering destruction (and protocoins) for the holidays!

How does this work, you ask?

Well, find the Santa Claus unit, follow the instructions below, and get 300 protocoins! Here's what you need to do:

1) Find the Santa Claus unit (you must own it, not belonging to another player)
2) Take a screenshot
3) Post the screenshot and game link here on this thread
4) Protocoins will be added to your account once I verify! (Limit 1 time per player.)

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2019 Public Meeting

AtWar's Admin, Moderator, and Supporter teams would like to invite the player-base to attend their last *official* meeting of the year.

It will be held on Sunday, December 22nd @ 3 pm CDT (Central USA), in the game it's self (expect to have it in a game lobby or a room lobby-- we will let you know).

Time Conversions
1:00 pm Pacific Time (USA)
4:00 pm Eastern Time (USA)
9:00 pm Western Europe (UK, Portugal)
10:00 pm Central Europe (Germany, France, taly, Croatia, Serbia)
6:00 am Tokyo
5:00 am Hong Kong
2:30 am Delhi
11:00 pm Jerusalem

- New Ranking System
- New CW Guidelines
- Proposal of the revamp of the CW/Elo system
- Opinions about Admin, Mod, Supporter teams
- Game mechanics
- Questions on the game
- Map Editor
- Strategies
- Trophies
- SP Multiplier
- And more!

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I'm happy to announce the creation of new ranks! As you know, up until now the highest rank possible was 16. Now I have added 10 more ranks beyond this, i.e. 17-26.

Who will be the first to achieve Rank 17?

If you're curious what the new rank shields look like....

... you'll have to rank up and find out!

As you can see I've made all new, higher-resolution versions of our ranks. I've kept the symbols for R1-15 the same. R16 you'll notice has changed... we will keep the Skull logo reserved for the highest rank possible (which is now R26). (Hint: It continues following the logic of atWar's original counting-based system of symbols, up to R19. Starting at R20, we embark on a new system.)

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Welcome Enigma Code, Nedris, and Sun Tsu to the Supporters team!

I'd say what exactly they are doing but it would be a very long list! So, I will say they are going to be actively helping in a variety of areas in atWar.

We hope to accomplish more with the addition of three more Supporters, including Sun Tsu. Of course, with the addition of these Supporters, changes to the team will come .

Congratulations guys!

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"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."

— Ernest Hemingway

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I officially came to an end. Celebrations throughout the world ensued; however, millions of lives were lost over the greed that is war.

To honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, double SP games as well as PC/SP Drops, and a few 1-month prem give-aways will be done today.

Thank you, and may those who are lost forever rest in peace.

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It's been nearly 4 years since our last in-game tutorial on YouTube, I'm here to change that.
Starting from today, I've posted a quick and easy tutorial you can watch within a couple of minutes to get you started in your first game.
In the next tutorial, expect to find a step by step process on how to host and advertise a game successfully.

Today's video is below!

For the map-making community, I've decided to release some of my JPEG's of the world map with country & province borders for free.
Once another tutorial video is published, a new set of borders will be available to download. I expect to see new maps being created!
Country & Provinces Pack 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f9X6WHq9aqF1fihwEtImzGnX8f3JMSSh/view?usp=sharing

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= = = EDITION 2: OCTOBER 13, 2019 = = =

In this Edition:

AW Development
Supporters Update Log
Discord: Updates
AtWar Times Network & AW Press
Code of Conduct

AW Development

Recently, certain community members came to the Supporters about certain aspects of the game and how they need to be updated. They also wanted to know the status of other things such as the things in Suggestions to be Implemented to AtWar [2.0][2019].

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= = = EDITION 21: October 6, 2019 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: AW Press: New Intervals For Releases
Section 2: Shining The Spotlight: JUGERS2
Section 3: Summer 2019: Summary & Review
Section 4: Metagame Survey Results
Section 5: Upcoming Tournaments
Section 6: Estus Interview

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The Supporters Team would like to invite all players to the Official Discord Server this Sunday, September 15th between 3 pm and 7 pm CST (Central US Timezone). the following is what we'll be doing:

What We'll Be Discussing

The Supporters have been working hard since July on things the game needs most and what can be done to boost/help the player base, the following is what we'll discuss/announce:

● Supporters in general.
● The AtWar Talkshow and Radio.
● Tournaments/Events.
● Game Development (to an extent)
● AW Press / ATN.
● Map Editor.
● Official AW Discord server.
● Questions from the players.

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= = = SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 = = =

AtWar's Supporters Team does a lot for AtWar, a lot of which the community doesn't know about. So, we've decided to give monthly updates on what the Supporters are doing.

AIois has made a Trello Board for the public to see. In this Trello board, a list(s) of things the Supporters' are doing-- everything from to-dos to public meetings. Alois will keep this board updated regularly so the community can stay informed on what the team is doing.

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As you all know, ATN has been dead for quite some time and has been long-waiting a comeback. So, I'd like to officially reintroduce the AtWar Times Network back into the community with new leadership and a plan for AtWar. With this being said, I'd like to begin with a Q&A:

What Is The AtWar Times Network?

Ecrit par Madara, 14.02.2014 at 14:47

atWar Times Network, a news network of atWar working to entertain our community. The ATN was formed the 19th of November 2012, when also the first Clan war report was published. ATN is a combination of the old two news networks, namely; LDK's Afterwind Times (AT) and Mathdino's Afterwind News Network (ANN).

Edited for up-to-date purposes.

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