• Team games: when creating a game you can set 2 to 4 teams - players in these teams will be permanently allied, with no other diplomacy options (rejoice, whoever wanted unbreakable alliances!). In the future this will also allow clan vs clan games. After players join the game, the team is assigned automatically, but you can change it in the players list in the lobby and in the country selection menu in the game. New tab, Teams, has been added to the players menu in the team games, instead of Diplomacy.

  • Private games: you can now lock your game with a password. Additional menu has been added when creating a game, with password and team options. These options cannot be changed later.

  • It's now possible to change Strategy after starting the game, in the country selection menu.

  • In Diplomacy menu, hover over a player's icon to highlight his diplomaticy.

  • Submarines now carry 2 Marines - however, they can no longer capture cities (without marines)

  • Move units menu now shows total capacity for transports.

  • Allied players can only send money to each other if they've been in the game for at least 3 turns. (We had reports of people using a secondary account to join and wire all money to the main one)

  • Game SP is now displayed in the Players menu, instead of the Turn events menu.

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    Commentaires: 3   Visité par: 144 users
    21.12.2010 - 04:30
    Particularly like the team option. Will probably make for some great games really soon. Looking forward to it.
    21.12.2010 - 18:41
    Great update! Your doing an amazing job!
    21.12.2010 - 23:49
    I really like the new tweaks on submarines. It makes Naval Commander and Master of Stealth a lot better playable.

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